EasySMX T39 Pro: The perfect combination of NFC function and Switch

In the game world, every detail matters. Whether it is the speed of a racing car, the accuracy of shooting, or the key to character control, our game controllers are required to be as perfect and efficient as possible. EasySMX’s latest T39 Pro Switch Controller is such an almost perfect product.

First of all, T39 Pro has a built-in upgraded version of the Amiibo function NFC chip, which gives it instant sensing capabilities and ultimate processing speed. When you connect characters from Switch games to T39 Pro, it unlocks more gaming fun and depth. Imagine that your game character shuttles freely in the battle, whether attacking or dodging, as naturally as clouds and flowing water. Behind this, it is the powerful NFC function of T39 Pro that silently supports it.

Then, the drift-free characteristics of T39 Pro are also eye-catching. Using an advanced "non-contact magnetic sensor", this controller will not cause physical damage to the joystick. Not only does this mean your gaming experience will be smoother, it also means your controller will last longer. When you play on Switch, whether it is the movement of the character or the shooting of the firearm, it can be done accurately.

Furthermore, the stylish design of T39 Pro is also hard to put down. It adopts a dual-structure panel design, making the entire controller more durable. In terms of color, it provides a variety of gradient color options such as sky blue, geek black, and pure white to meet your personalized needs. When you hold the T39 Pro, you can feel its metallic texture and unique UV paint on the contact surface, which bring you the ultimate comfort.

Overall, EasySMX’s T39 Pro Switch Controller is undoubtedly an ideal choice for Switch players. Whether it is its NFC function, drift-free characteristics, or stylish design, it demonstrates the high performance and cost-effectiveness of this product. Whether you are a racing driver, a shooting expert, or have other types of gaming needs on Switch, T39 Pro can satisfy you. It will lead you into a deeper game world, allowing you to feel unprecedented happiness in every battle and adventure.