EasySMX T39 and T39 Pro Controllers: Your Gateway to Gaming Excellence

For gamers, the right controller is more than just a tool; it's an extension of themselves. EasySMX understands this sentiment and introduces the T39 and T39 Pro controllers, your gateway to gaming excellence. These controllers are not just peripherals; they are your key to unlocking a whole new level of gaming.

1. Extra Button for Programmability: Customization at Your Fingertips

Imagine having the power to customize your gaming experience, tailored to your preferences. The T39 controllers bring this vision to life with an extra programmable button located conveniently on the front of the controller. No more accidental touches on back paddles during intense gaming sessions. This extra button empowers you to program in-game actions, creating a personalized gaming setup that maximizes your immersion and control. It's your game, your rules.

2. Precise Direction Control: Master Every Move

In the world of gaming, precision is the key to success. The T39 controllers offer all-around direction control with their D-pad. Gamers can easily cancel oblique directions with a simple click, ensuring that their movements are precise and on point. This feature guarantees that you always move in the winning direction, giving you a competitive edge in every game you play.

3. Support 3 Platforms: Versatility for Every Gamer

The T39 and T39 Pro game controllers are designed to cater to a wide range of gaming platforms. They are compatible with the Nintendo Switch, Windows, and iOS (above 16.0), giving you the freedom to switch between devices with ease. Whether you're gaming on your console, PC, or mobile device, these controllers offer a seamless experience through both Bluetooth and wired connections. The T39 Pro even boasts NFC functionality, allowing for unique interactions with your Switch. No matter where your gaming journey takes you, these controllers are ready to adapt.

In the world of gaming, the tools you use can make or break your experience. With the EasySMX T39 and T39 Pro controllers, you're not just playing; you're dominating. Customizable buttons, precise direction control, and compatibility with multiple platforms give you the control and versatility you need to excel in any game. Take your gaming to the next level and let these controllers be your gateway to gaming excellence.