No longer afraid of game interruption, Steam Deck Cooler gives you a cool gaming experience

No longer afraid of game interruption, Steam Deck Cooler gives you a cool gaming experience
When exploring new worlds of gaming, we all want our devices to deliver the best possible performance and not suffer from overheating issues. In view of this, EasySMX has recently launched a Steam Deck Cooler named D10, which aims to provide a better cooling solution, so that players can enjoy the game without worrying about the overheating of the device.

EasySMX D10 adopts in-line design, known as the most effective cooling mode. Under the high-load operation of Steam Deck, EasySMX D10 can reduce the temperature by 10 degrees, ensuring that the host will not reduce the frequency while running stably. That way, whether you're engaging in an intense match or exploring a large open world, you can trust your Steam Deck to run at peak performance.

In terms of design, EasySMX D10 is also excellent. It adopts the anti-slip design of nano-glue material. When the anti-slip mat is stained with dust, it can be wiped dry with water to restore the stickiness, ensuring the stability of the equipment during operation. And its industrial design with a sense of technology not only gives people a sense of modernity, but also meets the expectations of modern players for the appearance of equipment.

In terms of performance, EasySMX D10 also showed outstanding strength. It has three wind speed gears, which can adapt to various usage scenarios of the host. Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on the default 1st gear and the right light is on, press once to turn on the 2nd gear and the left light is on, press once to turn on the 3rd gear and both lights are on, and this cycle, users can choose the most suitable wind speed according to their needs. Moreover, only 1.5 hours of charging can bring 3-7 hours of cool play time, ensuring that you can swim unimpeded in the game world.

In terms of details, EasySMX D10 is also very thoughtful. It is equipped with an L-shaped USB charging cable, which supports playing while charging, without worrying about power issues. And its high-quality turbo radiator, hydraulic bearing low-noise design, the noise is lower than 45 DBA when holding the device, so that you can enjoy the tranquility in the game.

EasySMX D10 not only shows a sense of avant-garde technology in design, but also reaches a high level in performance. Whether you are an adventurer who loves to explore new worlds, or someone who likes to explore new worlds of games, we want our equipment to provide the best performance and not be plagued by overheating issues.