New choice of handle: EasySMX® STK-7046 One-Piece Joypad

If you are looking for a new gamepad, the EasySMX® STK-7046 One-Piece Joypad is definitely worth your consideration. This controller has many unique features that can bring you a whole new gaming experience.

First, it has a multifunctional design. The 6-axis gyroscope provides sensitive control, allowing you to achieve more precise operations in the game. Button lights provide a visual indicator, making it easy to find buttons even in low-light environments. The universal design of the handheld and the base allows you to cast the screen or enter the desktop mode without removing the handle, bringing more convenience to your gaming experience.

Second, it has a personalized customization function. Compatible with Switch and Switch OLED to meet the needs of different consoles. The three-speed turbo burst function and the four-speed vibration adjustment allow you to freely adjust according to your personal preferences, providing a more personalized gaming experience.

In addition, it has 8 LED backlit buttons. Use the "L3" and "+" buttons to easily toggle the LED lights on and off, providing you with a visually engaging gaming experience that adds excitement and immersion to the game.

EasySMX® STK-7046 One-Piece Joypad is a powerful and well-designed handle, which can bring you a new gaming experience. If you're looking for a new gamepad, this one is definitely worth your consideration.