Don’t Let Your Steam Deck Burn, Steam Deck Cooler Comes to the Rescue

Don’t Let Your Steam Deck Burn, Steam Deck Cooler Comes to the Rescue
In the world of gaming, there's nothing more annoying than an overheating console. Not only will this affect your gaming experience, it may even cause hardware damage. To solve this problem, a Steam Deck Cooler called EasySMX D10 was introduced to the market, allowing you to enjoy the game without worrying about the overheating of the device.

The biggest feature of EasySMX D10 is its wireless connection function. You don't need to be bound by data cables, you can play games anytime, anywhere and enjoy a free gaming experience. Moreover, this cooler also supports disassembly and assembly design, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance, fully considering the actual needs of users.

EasySMX D10 also has a unique battery compartment design, which is magnetically designed for easy battery replacement. Whether you're at home or on the go, battery replacements are quick and easy to keep your device running. More importantly, EasySMX D10 is equipped with Type-C interface and supports PD fast charging, even if the battery is exhausted, it can be fully charged in a short time.

In terms of fan speed, EasySMX D10 provides three fan speed gears to meet different heat dissipation needs. Whether it is light web browsing or high-intensity game running, EasySMX D10 can provide proper cooling effect. Moreover, only 1.5 hours of charging can provide 3-7 hours of cooling time, allowing you to swim unimpeded in the game world.

EasySMX D10 also does a great job in details. It is equipped with anti-slip pads, which can keep the device stable and prevent it from slipping during the game. Moreover, EasySMX D10 is also equipped with a high-quality turbo radiator and low-noise design of hydraulic bearings, which makes the noise of the handheld device lower than 55 DBA, allowing you to enjoy the game without being disturbed by noise.